Personalized Planning for Your Estate

Estate planning is just one necessary part of a comprehensive financial plan. A comprehensive estate plan typically includes the use of a Will, Revocable Living Trust and Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Property to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of, assets are protected and administration expenses and taxes are minimized.

By integrating your financial planning and estate planning, you can ensure that your financial and family goals are achieved in the most efficient way possible. One of the areas of estate planning where the financial planner should be directly involved is in the preparation and funding of your revocable living trust. Funding, or the re-titling of your property to your trust, is a very important, yet often neglected, part of estate planning. An unfunded trust falls far short of achieving its primary objectives–avoiding probate and passing assets to your loved ones as quickly as possible. By integrating your financial and estate planning, you can ensure that all of your accounts and assets are titled properly to achieve your goals.

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