Tailoring a Plan to Insure your Family’s Future

Your insurance needs are unique. The solutions you choose should feel like a good fit, not a compromise.

Having a better understanding of your overall financial situation is a key step in determining what type(s) of life insurance would best be suited to you.

A solid financial foundation is comprised of assets that provide protection AND savings. Choosing these assets requires disciplined and thoughtful consideration including what role life insurance should play in helping you build a solid financial foundation.

When you’re choosing a life insurance policy, it pays to consider your needs and the length of time you’ll need coverage. I can help you take an objective look at those needs and help you decide which type of policy is best suited for you and your budget, whether it be term or universal life. A combination of policies may also be appropriate.

Term: Provides financial protection for a limited time period. Term policies are good for young people with growing families, or for covering a temporary need, such as a mortgage. Most term policies contain a conversion period which allows you to convert to a permanent policy at a later date. Key features include:

  • Low premiums.
  • Limited premium guarantee.
  • Level and increasing premiums.
  • Various conversion periods.

Universal Life: Provides the amount of protection you need at the time you need it. By offering a high level of death benefit and premium flexibility, you can customize the policy to meet your specific objectives today. When those needs change, you can adjust the policy to ensure it continues to meet your needs in the future. Key features include:

  • High level of premium and death benefit flexibility.
  • Choice of increasing or level death benefits.
  • Cash values are not guaranteed; minimum interest credit rate and maximum policy charges are guaranteed.
  • Coverage for life may require additional premium payments.

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