Everything You Need to Know about Fixed Indexed Annuities

Let us help you understand and implement fixed Indexed Annuities as a part of your complete retirement plan.

Benefits: The key benefit to annuities is that your premium and credited interest can never be lost due to index volatility. Annuities help you maximize both the growth and safety for your hard earned retirement dollars, ultimately offering you the peace of mind you deserve. Other benefits include the following:

Safety of Premium:
Annuities are a contract between you and the insurance company for guaranteed interest and guaranteed income options. You are not purchasing shares of stock or indexes.

Income Taxes:
Your premium and interest grow tax-deferred. You pay no taxes on your annuity interest until you begin to take withdrawals or receive income. This allows your money to grow faster than in a taxable account.

Avoidance of Probate:
In the case of premature death, your beneficiaries have the accumulated funds within your annuity available to them and may avoid the expense, delay and publicity of probate. Your named beneficiaries can choose to receive the proceeds as monthly income or a lump sum payment.

Opportunities are available to withdraw funds at any time (subject to applicable surrender charges). Contracts allow penalty-free withdrawals of up to 10%, after the first contract anniversary. Certain states also allow certain riders which increase liquidity in the event of a confinement to a nursing home, or if diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Guaranteed Income:
You have the ability to choose from several different income options, including payments for a specified number of years or income for life, no matter how long you live.

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